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Dip Coating Machine TD180

Dip Coating Machine TD180 Dip Coating Machine TD180 Dip Coating Machine TD180
产品名称:Dip Coating Machine TD180

Dip Coater DT180 -----Dip Coating Machine
Product introduce

Dip Coater  System DT180  is used to dip materials in liquid, forming thin film on the surface by pulling; this can be used for silicon, wafers, glass, ceramics, wood, metal and other solid surface coating process. It can be applied in scientific research, education and production.


1 Computer-controlled,parameters memory function, a key to reset to ensure the experiment process can be repeated; Real data display which is convenient to observe; automatic stop and voice report;

2 High precision line guide screw controls running, making running precise and accuracy;

3 Two working stations: there can be put two beakers to fill different viscosity colloid;

Every working station can hold many slides, high working effective;

4 Spring holds slides, simple structure and easy operation;


Power supply: AC220V 50HZ

Power consumption: 30W

Fastest line speed: 300mm/min

Slowest line speed: 5.9X10-7 m/sec 1mm/0.47 hours

Effective height: 128mm

Time set: 1s-9 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds

Dimension: 320mm x 260mm x 330mm
Dip coating description:

Put the substrate into the liquid, with pre-set speed pull it up slowly in a certain temperature and air environment to form thin film on the surface of substrate. The thickness of film is decided by pulling speed, solid concentration and liquid viscosity. By sol gel coating film on the surface, air will make solvent evaporate, and then the sol will be destabilization into gel process; because of tiny particles (nano) in the sol, it will form transparent film; Dip coating can be used for larger substrate, irregular shapes, double sides and multi-sides film coating.

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