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CNC2123 Engraving machine

CNC2123 Engraving machine CNC2123 Engraving machine CNC2123 Engraving machine CNC2123 Engraving machine
Product name:CNC2123 Engraving machine
CNC2123 Engraving machine(PCB plate making machine)
Machine introduction: 
The machine includes drive, engrave and accessories(this model is 2518C precision ball).Accessories: software disk, data line, power line, key, graverBefore using the machine, please connect the computer, the range is controlled by the keyboard.
New model: improve mechanical and function.
    The machine is used to drill, engrave line, cutting and other function. For making PCB, saving time, reducing investment, it is used in university, electronic enterprise and so on. 
*Main shaft is 200W, high speed and high efficiency (the speed is 2000 rev/min )
*Thickening aluminium alloy material 11mm(original is 10mm), the location is more accuracy. 
*synchronous wheel and belt are connected on X and Y axes
*Three axes move together, X and Y axes are new ball screw shaft, position and repeat are more accuracy. 
*It can be controlled off-line;The machine supports KCAM MACH3、TYPE and other CNC software.
1) Max range: X 210mm, Y 230mm, Z 30mm 
2) Working area: 280*400mm  ;Thickness 11mm
3) accuracy >0.05mm, repeat accuracy >0.02mm
4) aluminum alloy material; X and Y axes ball screw shaft 1204; Z axes 1225 screw shaft
5) power consumption: <300w
6) empty speed 2500mm/min, max working speed 1500mm/min
7) power consumption of main shaft is 200w, the speed is 2000-20000r/min 

8) running mode: step motor+8
9) power supply: AC220V/50Hz
10)run code: G code
11)operation system:  WIN2000/XP
12)weight: 18kg 

Please see engrave machine and use:
1.Engrave PCB
Process: Design PCB file with protel 99 SE or 2004 or other software→export Gerber file→ Generate G code with CopperCAM → open MACH3, enter G code, then the machine can drill and engrave. 
2.Engrave board and cut 
Cut different shapes or drill letters on the surface, please see below:
Prepare diagram or letter in ArtCAM→ set drill line (graver size, depth, speed and so on) → save G code→ enter MACH3 to work



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