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Benchtop Reflow Oven SR352C

Benchtop Reflow Oven SR352C
Product name:Benchtop Reflow Oven SR352C
Intelligent Lead Free Benchtop Reflow Oven SR352C

Main features
  • With RS232 connector which can be used to observed running directly;
  • with more thickness 8K stainless steel material in the furnace, the inner temperature will be more even;
  • Close design, better warm keeping, easy cleaning, save energy;
  • Special vent to control exhaust air, which can protect environment;
  • heat tube length is 360mm;
  • Drawer PCB holder, it is suitable for different PCB size and placement;
  • The machine can weld CHIP,SOP,QFP,BGA and all solder;
  • High effective; one reflow oven and one solder printer can do more 100 pcs (more 100 components) in 8 hours;
  • Small dimension, it can be put on the desk, easy operation and learning; the starting power is 4.2kw, after that the power is 1.2kw;
  • all solder process can be observed which is the best for university and schools;
  • Import temperature panel ENVADA;
  • Special hot air design, even temperature;
  • Special cool air design (cool will take 1-3℃/s), exhaust air system;
transmission system
  • transmission: drawer
  • PCB holder: anti-high temperature holder
  • PCB height:70±5mm
  • effective working size:350×250mm
control system
  • control: PID and computer
  • windows system: Windows 2000
  • language: Chinese/English
Heat system
  • temperature zone: single zone and multi segment control
  • control segment: 1~128 segments which can be set according to requirement.
  • temperature control: microcomputer controls temperature, SSR no contact output.
  • temperature range: Max 300℃, anti high temperature;
  • heat: infrared and hot air
  • temperature file: 1~8 temperature files can be set, 16 segments temperature in every file;
  • temperature accuracy:±2℃
  • inner material: 8K stainless steel material;
  • heat tube length:360mm
cool system
  • cool: inner compressor cool air
  • temperature slope:1~4℃/sec
  • cool vent: separate vent and outside vent
recycle system
recycle location and amount: the recycle system is selective.
  • size:L600×D460×H355mm
  • rated voltage:AC 220V 50Hz
  • rated power:4.8kw
  • mean power:1.8kw
  • weight:45kg
vent diameter:90mm
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