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Manual chip production line

Manual chip production line
Product name:Manual chip production line
  Manual chip production line
Manual chip production line is workers simulate pick and place machine, placing chips by chip pens; Chip pens take SMD components from belts and then put them on correct PADS by air pressure suction; Chip suction pen is more stable and high efficiency than tweezers; Taking components from belt directly can avoid components waste; And there is no positive and negative problem, that improves working efficiency; Chip suction pen absorb components back, that can avoid damaging edge and PADS by tweezers, so that can avoid solder connecting and solder bridge;
Manual chip production is used with Automatic SMT production, it is very important for improving manufacture efficiency and placing abnormal components;
Manual chip production line is the good choice for small and middle production, research, prototype and universities.
Manual speed: 2—3S/pc
Component Rack: 30 pcs (90 ring components can be put)
Chip production line: 1
The conveyor is necessary for double sides solder;
Worker: 30 workers to put SMT and IC;
Speed: (60S/3~2S)*60 Min *8 H*30 Workers =288000~43200 pcs/day
A)40W cover bracket and Philips light tubes, total is 18 sets;
B)38mm quadrate pipe
C)φ20mm stainless steel round pipe
D)PCB tray, 1*1.5 inch Aluminum guide;
E) SMD component rack: Every working station is with SMD component rack 3 rings components*2 sides, total is 30 working station; light shelf with removable stainless steel is used to put SMD components, guide is adjustable: 25—300mm
F) 18mm plywood with white fire-proof board and white wood edge from Indonesia
G) 38mm angle iron
H) 25mm quadrate pipe
I) Aluminum groove shelf (Green and transparent)
Double Acrylic Plate: W320mm*L12m*2 sides

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