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Spin Coater T108

Spin Coater T108 Spin Coater T108 Spin Coater T108 Spin Coater T108
Product name:Spin Coater T108
Spin coater T108
Model: T108
Product Description: mainly used in liquid, gel film-forming performance test, the surface coating process.
Main features:
◆ Computer control can be preset and memory speed, the control dial uniform acceleration; rotation time preset, when the control dial to even slow down. Uniform spin-coated gum machine spin coater apparatus
High Speed: 300 - 8000 r / min. (100 r / step adjustment)
Computer closed-loop control the motor, speed accuracy ± 0.5 r / min. Easy to reproduce the experimental results.
Mechanical claw-type clamping. Clamping reliable, any clamping ¢ 50-100mm film.
Mechanical four-claw clamping. Reliable clamping square, rectangular slices (optional parts)
Eliminated by vacuum suction is not strong, resulting in the possibility of flying pieces.
Removed the pump, saving you money and reduce environmental noise.
Working chamber removable for easy cleaning.
Working chamber and transparent, easy to observe the filming process.
The structure design has no belts, no brushes, no time to travel often and need for replacement of wearing parts. The obvious effect is: mechanical noise is low, to meet the laboratory requirement. Running smoothly. Here we follow the mechanical design, and other life design theory. Protect the user can rest assured that use.
Working chamber sealed transparent coating experiments, no liquid, gel body splash, work environment health and safety.
Technical Data: Rotating disc diameter: 120mm. Can be any piece clamping ¢ 50-100mm
Rotating disk maximum rpm: 8000r/min.
Adjustable digital revolution: 300 - 8000 rpm. Can set the time: 1 - 99 minutes.
Standard Packaging: Size: 250mm wide x 300mm deep x 215 mm high, weight: 16 kg
Application: liquid, jelly and other materials on a substrate film

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