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Single-side Mask Aligner GK2

Single-side Mask Aligner GK2 Single-side Mask Aligner GK2 Single-side Mask Aligner GK2
Product name:Single-side Mask Aligner GK2
Single-side Mask Aligner GK2
Single-side Mask Aligner GK2 is used to develop and manufacture medium and small-scale integrated circuits, semiconductor devices, acoustic surface wave components.Because of advanced levelling mechanism and small levelling force, this machine is not only applied to expose silicon wafers, glass wafers, ceramic wafers, gem wafers but also breakable substrates such as K3As and InP, as well as noncircular substrates and small-size substrates.used in the LSI, sensor, surface wave component, magnetic bubble, microwave, CCD and so on.
Single-side Mask Aligner GK2 consists of high degree of accuracy aligning worktable, binocular field-spitting microscope (or CCD micrographic display system), phtotohead, pneumatic system, vacuum pipeline system, monoblock vacuum pump, vibration- resistance worktable and accessories case.
Single-side Mask Aligner GK2 Functional Characteristics:
1.Wide Application
It is used to photo-etch all kinds of substrates with iameter below 100mm and thickness below 5mm, including noncircular bstrates.
2.Advanced Structure
Air float levelling mechanism; Vacuum seal mechanism which realizes vacuum hard-contact, soft-contact and small-force contact; Vacuum mask frame and vacuum slide sucker.
3.Handy Manipulation
It fetches and places the substrate by turning over the plate. By pressing the buttons, it realizes vacuum sorption of mask, substrate, floating ball,and scan lock. It’s very simple and convenient to manipulate, debug
maintain and repair.
4.High Reliability
It adopts imported electromagnetic valve, button and timer. With unique pneumatic system, vacuum pipeline system and precision machining of parts, the system equips with high reliability.
5.Special Function of Processing Fragments
It solves the problem that mask and substrate can’t be aligned because of adhesion between them, which is caused by noncircular substrates, fragments and uneven bottom surface of substrates.

Single-side Mask Aligner GK2 Specifications:


The size

a.100X100X2-3mm;b.75X75X2—3mm;c.63X63X2—3(can choose);

Silicon size


The line

3-4μm, The thinnest can be 2μm

Mask and silicon displacement range

X/Y±2.5mm,(rotation) ±6°

Worktable rotate around the principal axis

Coarse adjustment 360° can be fine adjusted.

Worktable moving range

X,Y compose φ75mm

The? worktable’s tee surface to the moulding board


Exposal light

GCQ200W over high pressure HG light,Exposal wave length,300―436nm

Exposal system should be above


Exposal system uniformity of illuminance range should be in φ75mm


Microscopical lighting wave length


Time of exposure control range

0.1 sec—99 min

Amplification of the binocular microscope

a. Two kinds ocular:10X,16X;b. Three kind plan objective :6X,9X,15X;c.Composed magnification ratio.:60X—240X;

Vacuum contact pressure



1000X850X980mm(two pcs)



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