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PCB Sub-board (cutting) Machine CUT200

PCB Sub-board (cutting) Machine CUT200 PCB Sub-board (cutting) Machine CUT200 PCB Sub-board (cutting) Machine CUT200 PCB Sub-board (cutting) Machine CUT200
Product name:PCB Sub-board (cutting) Machine CUT200
PCB Sub-board (cutting) Machine CUT200
Product introduction:
PCB Sub-board Machine CUT200 Can quickly and economically separate the different sizes of PCB, wide adaptability; Segmentation process smooth and efficient to prevent the generation of internal stress; sub-board control buttons to control the length may be; PCB pre-carved V-groove on the distribution of some of the fracture does not affect the cutting; Tool material by the Swedish import SKH7 steel, extremely long life.
1. cut the PCB board process does not move, round knife slip, electronic components to ensure that the substrate does not move and damage due to
2. four sub-board speed by the choice of the control panel knob set, sub-board trip can be set free and has LCD display
3. in response to V-groove depth and the tool wear and tear, the round knife blade and the BARS could accurately adjust the distance between
4. solve the parts across the V-groove to achieve sub-board
5. will be generated when the cutting board to a minimum to avoid stress cracking of tin
6. three sets of safety photoelectric eyes and the round knife security staff
7. available upon request installation of conveyor belt, to improve performance.

Maximum length of 400mm sub-panels can be customized ( 100mm,200mm,300mm,400mm,600mm,1200mm)
min thickness 0.5 ~ 3 mm
sub-board rate per second 200,300,400,500 mm adjustable
Sweden SKH7 high-speed steel tool materials
power supply 220V, 50HZ, 40W Optional
size 720 * 370 * 390 (L * W * H)
weight of 60 kg

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