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Selective Wave Soldering Machine MF301

Selective Wave Soldering Machine MF301 Selective Wave Soldering Machine MF301
Product name:Selective Wave Soldering Machine MF301
Selective Wave Soldering Machine MF301

This machine is manual device; Simple structure, easy using, it is ideal soldering device to improve production efficiency and quantity.
A:Solder pot is made from titanium alloy, this can ensure lead free and environmental.
B:High precision temperature controller is used in the machine, PID controlling way; With SSR, it can ensure temperature accuracy is ±2℃.
C:Removable heating tube is on the machine, this can make melting tin faster, and heating tube is replacement.
D:It is step-less adjustable speed motor, that can make tin surface bright and avoid oxidation.
E: Temperature protection device, the motor will cut off power when temperature is lower than setting range.
F:Nozzles are replacement; Operators can replace it according to requirement.

220V 25w
The temperature of solder pot
Nozzle size:L × W
60*60mm (we can make it by order)
Solder capacity
About 25kg
Machine size
Starting power
Working power

A: It is 220V; please check power supply, plug-in, heating tube, connecting wire, screws and others working well.
B:After confirming above spares work well, please turn on power supply. There is manual/auto switch, when the on/off is on manual status, it means the motor has connected with power supply; when the on/off is on auto status, it means the motor has disconnected with power. (This switch is equivalent to motors on/off.)
C:There is green power light on controlling panel; it is on which means connecting power; Yellow light is motor light, it is on which means motor connecting power.
D:The button on speed governor is motor speed button, please set motor speed by the button. Green light on governor is motor running light, it is on which means motor working well. The on/off on speed governor is motor power switch.
E:When starting the motor, please confirm solder tin has melt enough in solder pot, it is better that temperature is up to setting temperature.
F:Start and run motors by governor and buttons; When turn on on/off, please ensure buttons are lowest position. Rotating button but the motor doesn’t work, please stop the machine immediately and check transmission system and power supply; after dealing with problems, please run it again.
G:Please adjust motor governor to lowest position when the machine stop; this position can avoid solder tin spray rapidly and safe problem in next starting machine.
Temperature controller
1 Max temperature is 400℃;
2 It is over-low temperature alarm; operators can set temperature but don’t low melting temperature of solder tin. (When temperature is down to over-low temperature, it will alarm, the motor will cut off power supply.)

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